The world is in chaos after the events of Friday the 13th of May, 2011.
However, there were a few survivors of that fateful day and the following months.
Armed with just your pistol and a knife to start with, will you be able to take your revenge?!
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 Weapon Rules

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Silver Coins : 5
Bullets : 20

Character Info
100/100  (100/100)
First Weapon: Keltec PF9
Secondary Weapon: Knife

PostSubject: Weapon Rules   Sat Feb 19, 2011 3:08 pm

Weapon Rules

- You may only have one primrary and one secondary weapon at any time.
- The primrary is a weapon like a gun while secondary may be melee such as a stick.
- You may only fire as many bullets from your equipped weapon as you have.
- The number of shots allowed for weapons per post is stated in the safehouse shop.
- How many posts it takes to reload a weapon may be stated in the store. Otherwise, it is 1 posts in which you cannot attack nor defend.
- It takes one post to switch between your primrary and secondary weapon. You cannot attack or defend at this time.
- You must edit your profile stats to show how many bullets you have left for your current weapon once you fire or a battle ends or you have to reload.

- You may pick up any weapons that are stated to be lying around but you must drop one of your held weapons to be able to hold it.
- You may buy new weapons or upgrade your weapons at the safe house store.
- The store can only be used after finishing levels.

- You can equip or change equipped weapons only in the "Inventory" section. (Click Here to go there)
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Weapon Rules
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