The world is in chaos after the events of Friday the 13th of May, 2011.
However, there were a few survivors of that fateful day and the following months.
Armed with just your pistol and a knife to start with, will you be able to take your revenge?!
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 Noah Engelmann

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Noah Engelmann

Silver Coins : 5
Bullets : 20
Age : 20
Location : Maryland, USA

Character Info
100/100  (100/100)
First Weapon: Keltec PF9
Secondary Weapon: Knife

PostSubject: Noah Engelmann   Fri Mar 18, 2011 6:56 pm

Name: Noah Engelmann
Gender: Male
Age: 36

Appearance: Noah Engelmann wears SOG gear stolen from a military blockade during an attempt at evacuation. He also found a dead body that was killed by a mutant, and thus was not effected by the disease. On him was a pistol which he took. Noah also saw a combat knife, which would be useful to him as well so he took it too. His eyes are blue with black hair. Noah is also a caucasian.

Skills: Knife fighting
Class: Annihlator

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Noah Engelmann
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