Survival Horror RPG
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The world is in chaos after the events of Friday the 13th of May, 2011.
However, there were a few survivors of that fateful day and the following months.
Armed with just your pistol and a knife to start with, will you be able to take your revenge?!
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 Fighting Multiple Enemies

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Agent 47
Agent 47

Silver Coins : 6
Bullets : 3

Character Info
Fighting Multiple Enemies Left_bar_bleue80/100Fighting Multiple Enemies Empty_bar_bleue  (80/100)
First Weapon: Keltec PF9
Secondary Weapon: Knife

Fighting Multiple Enemies Empty
PostSubject: Fighting Multiple Enemies   Fighting Multiple Enemies EmptyMon Feb 21, 2011 7:50 am

Table of Content
- How to fight them
- Things allowed or not
- You should know

First thing what you should know about how to fight multiple enemies, is that you must number them. It is done by first knowing how much enemies there are in current wave. If there are 5 enemies, then you must number them from (1) to (5).
Quote :
Agent 47 aimed at Skeleton (1) and shot it twice in chest, he then turned to skeleton (2) and (3) shooting them both in head.
The rest you know what to do. You use your long range weapon, bullets or melee weapon to kill the enemies, but remember the limit of how many times can you shoot per post! (Look in shops for details, each weapon has different shooting speed)

Table of Content
- How to fight them
- Things allowed or not
- You should know

First of all, you can't shoot without a reloaded gun. You must regularly reload gun when it is empty.
You can't reload and shoot at same post. You also can't switch weapon and use it at same post.
You cannot reload gun if you don't have bullets what to reload it with, you can get more bullets in shops.
Do not shoot too much at a single post, you must remember the shooting limit per each post (Look in shops for that info)
You are not allowed to pick up mystical objects that are not mentioned by admins that you can pick them up.
You ARE allowed to shoot at one enemy at same time with your partner.
You can use items in your advantage that is mentioned by admins to be use able.

Table of Content
- How to fight them
- Things allowed or not
- You should know

If you and your partner are attacking on one normal enemy at same time, the rewards goes to person who shot it last.
No matter how many shots you land on a boss or mini-boss, the rewards are split to all players in wave.
Remember, enemies have health! Each weapon kills it in a different speed.

Spoiler: Character Info:

Fighting Multiple Enemies I6ks3p
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Fighting Multiple Enemies
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