Survival Horror RPG
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The world is in chaos after the events of Friday the 13th of May, 2011.
However, there were a few survivors of that fateful day and the following months.
Armed with just your pistol and a knife to start with, will you be able to take your revenge?!
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 Zip's Training to Fight Enemies

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Head of Survivors
Head of Survivors

Silver Coins : 5
Bullets : 20

Zip's Training to Fight Enemies Empty
PostSubject: Zip's Training to Fight Enemies   Zip's Training to Fight Enemies EmptyFri Feb 25, 2011 6:39 am

In Training Grounds there were many rooms, each meant for different training. One of the rooms was meant for fighting with weapons the player has. At start of the room, there was a medium-sized black box containing many (unlimited) bullets. These may be used only in training and do not count at player's bullet count.

In the very center of the room there was large, red X with 8 tracks leading to it from 8 very dark rooms. "Please step on the X!" one of head survivors said to Zip showing at X with palm.
Once Zip will stand on red X, 8 cardboard zombies will come towards Zip at same time. The goal is for Zip to kill all 8 cardboard zombies using guns or melee weapon.

Each 3 posts that are made in this topic, the cardboard zombies will be next to Zip. Once a zombie has been next to zip for 1 post (not counting the post where it arrives), Zip looses.

(This training is for Zip only.)
(All the rules take place here, except your bullets are unlimited during this training)
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Zip's Training to Fight Enemies
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